How to Earn a Living via Playing Axieinfinity: 101 to Farming SLP

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Axie Infinity is turn-based strategy game on Ethereum blockchain where players can earn Small Love Potion (SLP) and have a lot of fun at the same time. In this article I will summarize the steps you take to turn your fun game time to income.

Why do you want to have SLPs? Two main reasons:

1) SLP is the token required to breed Axies. If you want to generate Axie babies for playing, trading or just for fun you can go in this route. For more information check the link at the end of the article about Axie breeding. A cool info: Axies have unique genetic properties written in their code that will define the genes of the offspring based on dominant and recessive genes the parents carry.

2) You can earn 100s of SLP /day just for playing the game and trade at exchanges such as Uniswap. Currently SLP price is about 8 cents (Peak price last month was 20 cents/SLP). Basically, you can earn $3-$8/day ($90-$240/ month) depending on your time and quality of the Axies you have.

You can follow the price at:

OK, how do we do it??

1) You need to have 3 Axies to play the game. You can buy them from other players at

Hint: If you can find the player on Discord (see link below) and ask directly to get possible discounts if you chose the buy more Axies from them. Just go to Axie Discord anyway, it is full of information.

To interact with the marketplace, you need to have an Ethereum wallet. Easiest way is to get a Metamask Wallet. You can install the extension from and send some (0.2–0.4) ETH to your Ethereum address. If you do not have any ETH yet you can go to and buy some (The link will let you trade with discount). Don’t worry you will get you initial investment within weeks back 😊Go to the to connect with Metamask and download the game. You can also download the game to your mobile phone and login using QR code later.

When you the downloaded the game, you can go to the marketplace a buy 3 Axies. There will be another guide soon “How to Pick winning Axies for Adventure (P v E) and Arena (P v P) mode”. Meanwhile you can check the tons of info at

2) Now you have 3 Axies you can start playing and earning money. I strongly suggest to complete the daily tasks. It requires you to win 10 Adventure games and 5 Arena games. Reward is 50 SLP. During the Adventure and Arena games you will earn about 100–200 SLP too.

QUEST page

There are 36 levels called “Lunacia Ruin” in Adventure mode. You need to pass the current level to proceed. If you are stuck don’t worry, each time you win you earn experience points that will level up your Axies for the Adventure mode. With each level their skills/stats increase. So far max level that your Axie can reach is 25. In early Lunacia Ruins, it rewards few SLPs however more ruins you pass you can get up to 20 SLPs/win.

Hint: If you have high level Axies and started to earn less SLPs for the Adventure mode, place a low level Axie among high levels ones to boost up your SLP wins.

For the Arena mode don’t worry if you cannot win very often at the beginning. With playing more often you will develop strategies against more skilled players. During “Season” there will be additional rewards for winning the Arena matches. Last Season players were winning gold…You know real gold.. Ok it was PAXG gold backed cryptocurrency, that’s the as close as you get to winning real gold in a virtual environment. This season you win Axie DAI tokens (1000 Axie DAI token=1 DAI= $1).

3) How to sell the SLPs? You need to go to and sign in with your Metamask wallet. Click “My Axies” tab which will bring you to “Inventory” Click “Dashboard” where you will see amount of SLPs you have.

You need to “Sync” SLPs to have them in your Metamask wallet which means you need to confirm the transaction by paying Ethereum Gas fee. Hint: Do not sync very often to avoid fees associated with Ethereum transactions.

Now you are ready to sell your SLPs at Connect your Metamask wallet to the exchange by signing. You need to add SLP by searching the contract address below:


Now you are ready to trade your SLPs for ETH (or other if available).

Enter the amount of SLPs you want to sell and accept transaction. After a few minutes, you can enjoy your ETH!!!

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